Tribute Concert to Ruy Mingas (1939-2024) – Friday, February 23d – 20:00

Julien Hucq – Dimbo Makiesse Quartet
feat. Jean-Louis Rassinfosse,
Angelo Moustapha
Dimbo Makiesse and Julien Hucq’s friendship begun in 2021 when they collaborated to produce and perform at the following memorable events in Luanda, Angola:
• First, Jazz Lac’s Radio Director and Jazz Entrepreneur Jeronimo Belo’s Career Celebration at Palais Do Fer where Dimbo musically directed the show that featured Julien, amongst other wonderful Angolese artists.
• Secondly, the very first edition of the International Ango Jazz Festival, directed by Dimbo Makiesse, and hosted at Hotel Forum, where Ango Jazz (Dimbo’s Group) performed Ruy Mingas’ compositions arranged and performed by Julien and a large ensemble featuring fantastic strings, wind, and percussion players from Luanda.
Since then, they have continued to work on a variety of projects, including online music workshops.
Their first reunion in Belgium coincides with the recent passing of the great artist Ruy Mingas.
Don’t miss this unique performance of the group. A special night at Cellule 133A to celebrate one of the most emblematic musical figures of Angolese’s music alongside the wonderful bassist Jean-Louis Rassinfosse and the fantastic Angelo Moustapha on drums.
Dimbo Makiesse – Piano
Julien Hucq – Alto Saxophone
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse – Bass
Angelo Moustapha – Drums

Presale: 10 € – On Site: 15 €