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28 th march Barbara Drazkov plays contemporary music for piano, electronics and prepared piano


Barbara Drazkov plays contemporary music for piano, electronics and prepared piano


Barbara Drazkov RUBBER MUSIC for prepared piano [2019]
Michel van der Aa JUST BEFORE for piano and electronics [2000]
Pawe? Mykietyn EPIPHORA for piano and tape [1996]

BARBARA DRAZKOV (PL/BE) is a pianist known for her unconventional approach to classical music.

She creates her recognizable artistic language combining mostly contemporary repertoire with performative and theatrical elements, e.g. playing along with 2 Edison phonographs (WAX MUSIC) or with night vision goggles in complete darkness (INVISIBLE PIANIST), not to mention her bicycle concert tours within Europe (GREEN PIANIST).

Winning the Grand Prix and Sound New Award at the 13th Krakow International Competition of Contemporary Music has enabled her to explore widely the modern music field and has borne fruit in collaborations with numerous prominent artists.

Having lived in Poland, Germany, Spain and currently in Belgium – Barbara Drazkov gained a strong position in the European artistic scene, working with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, David Dawson, Wim Henderickx, Nicholas Lens, Szymon Brzóska, Pawe? Mykietyn, Manjunath BC and Zahir Ensemble, among others.

Barbara’s constant search for new ways of expression led her also to collaboration with traditional musicians from India, Japan, Korea, Congo, as well as flamenco and tango masters.
Recently she is exploring the possibilities of her instrument – by entering the world of microtones and piano preparation.

She has performed at festivals and concert venues around the world: e.g. Sydney Opera House, NCPA in Beijing, Rome Auditorium, Ars Musica in Brussels, Dance Salad in Houston, Warsaw Autumn.

Try’Art, samedi 23 mars à 20h30


Tsoin Tsoin jeudi 4 avril

Forro, vendredi 5 avril

NOUVEL ALBUM, NOUVEAU SPECTACLE “UATU“, jeudi 11 avril à 20h30

Aurélie et Verioca baladent leurs chansons sur un fil suspendu entre la France et le Brésil… elles ouvrent des petites fenêtres sur le monde. Avec ces deux filles là, on embarque sans hésiter le temps d’un voyage qui va du rire aux larmes.
“Aurélie, voix claire et mélodieuse, chante en français ou en portugais des poèmes qui swinguent et des sambas bohèmes, Verioca l’accompagne à la guitare et du bout des lèvres, telle une femme orchestre friande de sensations percussives et boisées. On est séduit, forcément.”
Extraits du nouvel album >
Verioca Lherm : Compositions, guitare, beatbox mélodique
Aurélie Tyszblat : paroles, chant

Mise en scène : Caroline Leboutte
Mise en lumière : Catherine Reverseau

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stompin’@st-gilles – Swing with Hermann Sextet – vendredi 12 avril

Festival Libérons Les Sons – samedi 13 et dimanche 14 avril

18 unstable constellations for 18 improvisers – unfashionable music

an improviser’s meeting with around 18 groupings of 18 improvisers from Brussels, Leuven, Lille, Provence, UK, Greece, Hungary & USA
most have performed together and many will meet for the very first time

5 percussions + 4 reeds + 3 electronics + 2 guitars + 2 voices + 1 double bass + 1 piano = 18
concerts afternoon 4 PM – evening 8 PM doors 15h30 – 19h30 8 € each day @ Cellule 133A av Ducpétiaux 133A 1060 Bruxelles
sam bodart – luc bouquet – lawrence casserley – anatole damien – jean demey – jean-jacques duerinckx – jacques foschia – steve gibbs – mike goyvaerts – simon groppe – tom jackson – audrey lauro – oliver mayne – kostas tatsakis – kris vanderstraeten – willy van buggenhout – jean-michel van schouwburg – pierre-michel zaleski

recently we have hosted john russell jj duerinckx matthieu safatly yoko miura lawrence casserley matt shipp ivo perelman john edwards david petts adrian northover
below poster / flyer on jpeg & pdf format – this is a not-funded event supported by the artists – the bar is quite nice and so everyone who turn up will be welcome
support team : jmvs – jp burg – jl de mil – dario altamirano – thks françois pettiaux & dario

Thanks in advance for your consideration and please keep our very best wishes

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg
chemin des postes 204 B 1410 Waterloo
Festival LIBÉRONS LES SONS SAM/ DIM 13 ET 14 AVRIL 16H – 20H Cellule 133A

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Milonga El Regalo, vendredi 19 avril

Forro, jeudi 25 avril